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2020.09.23 17:24 angrycarbs From a former Teenager: I'm here to tell you that Abuse, however small, is not OK and you deserve to be safe. There is help out there and I want you to know the resources. TW: Abuse/SA

Hello Teens,
I saw an earlier post on this sub about a case where a woman wasn't charged with pedophilia because she wasn't a man, and there was quite a bit of talk about it. I wanted to take some time to give you some information about abuse and sexual assault, and give you some resources to help you feel in control of your situation if you are currently or formerly a survivor of abuse/assault.
I am a male survivor myself, and now as an adult I work in the legal field helping to support survivors of abuse and assault, and I also am working to expand support and legal protection for survivors. I wish I knew what I know know when I was a teen, and I want to help in any way I can! Here's some information for you:
  1. You are NOT alone. At least one in for girls, and one in six guys, have been victimized by some sort of sexual assault. One way that perpetrators of sexual assault try to control their victims is to minimize what happened, or tell you that no one will believe you, or that you *wanted* to be assaulted so you're not really a victim. \NONE OF THIS IS TRUE*.* It can feel incredibly isolating to feel guilty about something that you've been made to believe is your fault. This isolation works in the perpetrator's advantage. Also, for guys, a perpetrator may tell you to "man up", or tell you that people will think you're gay (which there is NOTHING wrong with being gay if you are), or that you'll be seen as less than a "man' if you tell. THIS IS ALSO UNTRUE. You are who you are, no matter what has happened, and who you are is someone to be proud of, not matter what anyone tries to convince you is the truth.
  2. You DESERVE to feel safe. Many perpetrators of abuse and sexual assault try to normalize the behavior by manipulating their victims into believing that the abuse activity is totally normal and that you're just a big wuss. This helps the perpetrator to maintain control over their victims. Many perpetrators try to make their victims feel afraid, like if they tell someone that's going on it will make people mad at them or let them down. It is not normal to be in fear of pain, your safety, or that you'll be letting people down if you stop the activity.
  3. There are people out there that want you to be safe. For too long, adults have tried to disenfranchise teens, and make them feel that their needs aren't important. YOU ARE IMPORTANT, AND YOU DESERVE TO HAVE HELP IF YOU NEED IT. There are several resources out there that can connect you to someone that can get you to place where you feel safe. I'm going to list some now:
Here is a website that give you information and help on teen dating violence and sexual assault.
Here is a link to RAINN, a national hotline in the USA that provides an advocate to talk with about your situation and come up with a safety plan.
Here is a link to a PDF that has TONS of information about what's involved in the process of reporting abuse or assault, and also tons of research on the subject.
Here's a website and hotline in you're in Canada and need help.
If you're in Canada, the Canadian Red Cross has tons of resources for you.
For British and Irish Teens, here is another text and phone hotline if you need help.

I'm sorry I haven't added more, but there are similar programs all around the world. Please know that you're not alone, that you deserve to be safe and happy, and that you are not broken beyond repair. There is hope and your future is bright, no matter what your situation is right now. You have worth. You are valuable this world. You deserve to be free.
A former teen, male survivor, and current adult trying to help teens feel safe.
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2020.09.23 15:31 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Sept. 16, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002
4-29-2002 5-6-2002 5-13-2002 5-20-2002
5-27-2002 6-3-2002 6-10-2002 6-17-2002
6-24-2002 7-1-2002 7-8-2002 7-15-2002
7-22-2002 7-29-2002 8-5-2002 8-12-2002
8-26-2002 9-2-2002 9-9-2002

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Sticking with the morning Wednesday posting schedule for now due to real-life job obligations. We'll see how it continues to go. Just gotta make it through 2002 somehow. And one final note, RIP to Road Warrior Animal. When I was a kid growing up on wrestling in the early 90s, Ultimate Warrior and Animal were my 2 favorites because I loved their face paint designs. I used to buy the paint kits from WWF Magazine so I could paint my face like them. Hawk's design was always simple and boring but Animal, with the spider in the middle of his head and all that, was the coolest to me.

  • Our top story this week is none other than Hot Lesbian Action! Dave says it was one of those moments where you'd want to bury your head in a hole if anyone was in the room watching the show with you. Coming off several bad weeks in a row and ratings bottoming out, plus the beginning of Monday Night Football, WWE decided to bring out the big guns and go back to what made them money in the past: controversy and sleaze. The entire show was built around the promise that viewers would see lesbians getting it on in the ring and everything else, the wrestling, the was all secondary. Jerry Lawler "was the most annoying he's ever been" on this episode. It came off as a crass and desperate ratings grab and make no mistake: the TV stations that carry Raw were embarrassed by it too. TNN put out a statement saying, "TNN takes serious issue with the content of Monday night's WWE Raw episode, and has expressed its deep concern to the WWE. We don't condone the content of this episode, and will work diligently to ensure that similar occurrences do not appear again on our network." In Canada, TSN edited some of the segment out of the show and many stations in Europe did as well. 2 days prior to the show, someone from WWE (Dave thinks it was Bruce Prichard) reached out to UPW and brought in 2 of their valets, Looney Lane and Savvy, to portray the lesbians. Bischoff directed traffic as the two women got down to their underwear and began kissing but then the Island Boyz came out and destroyed them. Jamal in particular nailed Lane with a stiff superkick that legitimately bruised her ribs. Dave thinks this whole angle was pointless. Even if it leads to a one-week ratings boost, the TV networks have made it clear they weren't happy, so it's not like WWE can do it again or go further with it. So...what did it accomplish? (Sorry folks, you'll need to check the Network for video of this. I can only find the Stephanie McMahon HLA segment from Unforgiven, which we'll get to in 2 weeks. This segment seems to have been scrubbed from the internet).
  • This was followed up at the Smackdown tapings with the gay wedding build-up with Billy and Chuck, which got a little mainstream publicity in the days leading up to it. They were everywhere promoting it, but WWE also made it clear ahead of time that neither Billy Gunn or Chuck Palumbo are gay and that the whole thing was a publicity stunt. Howard Stern said WWE fans wouldn't want to see it and ESPN hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon were calling it a desperate ratings grab and saying WWE would be finished after this angle. This angle hasn't aired on TV yet but Dave heard it ran really long and the Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy match afterwards got cut way short as a result. Dave knows Bischoff ended up being revealed as the minister and the Island Boyz came out again and beat everyone up, including Stephanie McMahon but that's all he knows. WWE was extremely concerned about this whole angle coming off as homophobic and confiscated a ton of signs at the doors of the arena, mostly the kind of homophobic stuff you're probably thinking (more on this next week obviously).
  • It's all but official that the recent PRIDE/K-1 event in Tokyo is going to go down as the highest grossing live sports entertainment event (wrestling or MMA) in history. The final number isn't confirmed, but the live gate surpassed the $7 million record that was set back in 1998 for Inoki's retirement match with Don Frye at the Tokyo Dome. The American record, held by Wrestlemania 18, is barely half that ($3.9 million). So yeah, pretty big hit.
  • Four days after being handed a world title, Triple H took on Brock Lesnar at Raw house shows this week in champion vs. champion matches. So much for making something like that feel special. Lesnar worked many Raw house shows this week because he was advertised for them weeks ago, back before WWE made the spur of the moment decision to move him to Smackdown exclusively. Regarding Triple H holding that title, as you can imagine, there's a good deal of talk about that backstage. Even people who aren't usually anti-Triple H are side-eyeing his relationship with Stephanie now and asking questions about just how powerful Triple H is becoming. With Rock and Austin gone for now, it's said that Triple H sees this as his time to be the top star of WWE, but Lesnar's rapid rise has clearly dwarfed Triple H in the last few months. So suddenly, Lesnar gets shipped off to Smackdown and Triple H is handed a world title with his own show to headline. Needless to say, it raised some eyebrows. Anyway, Lesnar is also working Smackdown house shows when it doesn't conflict with a Raw show and in Minnesota, they did the first ever Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle match, which is something that's been discussed as a potential Wrestlemania match down the road. Since it was Minnesota, Lesnar was a huge babyface and the match was said to be really good.
  • Wrestling book review time. First up, Bobby Heenan's autobiography "Bobby The Brain: Wrestling's Bad Boy Tells All" was written with the help of wrestling magazine writer Steve Anderson. There's not a lot of depth to the book, it's mostly a collection of amusing stories from his career. Heenan doesn't leave any shades of gray though, he makes it clear who he liked and disliked. He said his time in WCW was the 6 worst years of his life and only had good things to say about Hogan, Mike Tenay, and Ric Flair. Didn't seem like he cared for many other people in that company. He talked about how poorly run the promotion was and pointed to Goldberg's streak ending and the Fingerpoke of Doom moments as the beginning of the end of WCW. He said on the night of the fingerpoke, he and Tenay both realized the ship was sinking and said Tony Schiavone gave both of them shit for being negative and paranoid. Heenan had good things to say about Verne Gagne, making him one of the few people that does. And of course, he loved Gorilla Monsoon. He tore into Schiavone, WCW producer Craig Leathers, and Leathers' production assistant Annette Yother, who Heenan hated so much, he wouldn't even call her by her name in the book and insulted her throughout. Overall, it's entertaining, and not an embarrassment, but not a must-read or anything either.
  • There's another book on the history of St. Louis wrestling that he reviews, but it's more for historians and full of records and attendance figures and match cards from old St. Louis wrestling shows over the decades dating back to the 1800s. Dave figures this won't appeal to casual fans at all, but for historians or people (like him) who can use this sort of thing as a reference guide, it's invaluable.
  • Just for shits and giggles, when discussing top draws and drawing money, Dave does the all-time list of wrestlers who have headlined the most PPVs that did 1.0 buyrates or higher. Top 5 in case you're curious: Hulk Hogan (22), Steve Austin (20), Ric Flair (17), The Rock (17), and Triple H (9). This doesn't include Summerslam 2002, so if the final buyrate for that ends up breaking the 1.0 mark, then Rock will pass Flair on the list.
  • Zero-1 in Japan is trying to get Akira Maeda to come out of retirement to work matches with Shinya Hashimoto and Naoya Ogawa. They're also trying to get Riki Choshu involved as well. If you don't know the history, Maeda vs. Choshu would be a dream match based on their history. Back in 1987, during a match in NJPW, Maeda double-crossed Choshu for real and kicked him in the face as hard as he could, breaking Choshu's orbital bone. The incident got Maeda fired from NJPW but he used the publicity from it and revived the UWF promotion where he became their top star. Choshu and Maeda never had a match together again, although if they had, it would have done monster business. But it's been 15 years, so Dave isn't sure how big it would be today (this never happens. Maeda retired in 1995 and stayed retired).
  • Dave saw the 2 recent AJPW shows featuring Goldberg. It was fine. Goldberg had the biggest presence and star power on the show and got a great reaction. He looked great physically but didn't do much in the ring worth noting. Quick matches that got over well, but didn't set the world afire or anything.
  • Dream Stage, the parent company of PRIDE, is apparently getting involved in promoting pro wrestling as well, working with AJPW and with hopes to have more Goldberg involvement. The company purchased the rights to merchandise AJPW in the United States, which would one to think the idea is to put together an AJPW show in the U.S. with Goldberg on the card, or at the very least, sell DVDs of AJPW in the U.S. Dave thinks PRIDE has far more potential to catch on in the U.S. than AJPW does, even with Goldberg's involvement. MMA fans respect and accept PRIDE as a legitimate promotion here, but most wrestling fans don't care about anything other than WWE.
  • No real notes from NOAH's latest shows, but just wanted to mention that every time Dave recaps these shows, he comments on how good and how popular KENTA is becoming.
  • NJPW's latest tour kicked off and featured Chyna in tag matches working against men. Not just job guys either. She was in there against names like Jushin Liger and IWGP champion Yuji Nagata. After the first night, Chyna cut a promo challenging Nagata for the title. NJPW is in a tough spot here. The freak-show aspect of having Chyna wrestling men in NJPW is getting a lot of publicity and she's getting paid a lot, so they can't just job her out. But there's also a credibility issue. This isn't the big, muscular Chyna of 1997. It's the IWGP champion selling for a Playboy model. As you can imagine, all of the NJPW wrestlers hate working with her but, as Yuji Nagata once said, "Inoki bullshit, but you gotta go with it."
  • Speaking of Inoki bullshit, there's more. First of all, he talked about starting a promotion in the U.S. with Chyna as the top star and also said he's working to bring X-Pac and DDP to Japan. Dave thinks X-Pac in NJPW might not be a bad idea. But DDP is 1. retired due to injury and 2. still under WWE contract. Inoki also publicly invited several non-NJPW wrestlers to come participate in their upcoming Tokyo Dome show. In particular, he named Keiji Muto and Shinya Hashimoto. But both of them publicly turned him down, both saying they have no interest in doing anything with NJPW. Dave thinks it's a bad look when you try to do business in front of the public only to get embarrassingly turned down in public.
  • Other NJPW notes: American Dragon is debuting for the company in October. Hart family friend T.J. Wilson will be coming to NJPW later in the year, under the name Stampede Kid, doing a cowboy gimmick. Dave explains how Wilson is basically an honorary member of the Hart family and is incredibly talented.
  • With little advance notice, Ultimo Dragon made his in-ring return in his own Toryumon promotion, his first match since a botched surgery in WCW ended his career in 1998. They teased his arm being in bad shape and he sold it big when his opponent attacked it.
  • Dave had a long talk with Bret Hart this week, which is one of the few times in this newsletter I've ever seen Dave just outright say, "I talked to this person, here's what he told me." He says Hart is very positive on his outlook for recovery and is seeing major improvements over the last few weeks. He thinks within a month, you won't be able to tell by looking at him that he had a stroke. He's able to control his facial muscles better now and aside from weakness on his left side, he's starting to feel halfway normal again. He talked about the show in Montreal for Rougeau and said he did it as a favor because he had promised beforehand, but felt he wasn't ready and broke down crying in front of the crowd. He also said he doesn't think there's any connection between his stroke and the career-ending concussion he suffered from Goldberg in 1999. The issues were in different parts of the brain and doctors think they're unrelated.
  • Oprah Winfrey's show this week talked about the effect of professional wrestling on children and she and her guest (some guy who wrote a book about parents using TV as a babysitter) both agreed that wrestling teaches kids that violence is acceptable to resolve conflicts and that it degrades women.
  • Notes from Raw: William Regal joined the UnAmericans. Terri Runnels & Trish Stratus vs. Victoria & Stacy Keibler was so bad that Dave was praying for a Jackie Gayda run-in by the end. Dave thinks Victoria can be a big star, but they've done nothing to make her feel like anything special. Triple H has lost some weight and muscle mass and was moving better, but he also beat Spike Dudley with a sleeper hold, a move that hasn't been over in decades, and put the crowd to sleep faster than Spike.That being said, Dave thinks guys should have more than one finisher and it takes time to establish a move and get it over, so if this is the start of that, he's fine with it. And pretty much everything else was lesbians, lesbians, lesbians!
  • Steve Austin dropped divorce proceedings against Debra last week. Apparently they've decided to try to work it out (this clearly changes again soon. Their divorce ends up being finalized in February).
  • Random WWE notes: OVW held a big show with a bunch of now-WWE stars such as Lesnar, Orton, Cena, Rico, Victoria, and others all appearing, as well as Benoit. The OVW stars beat the WWE stars in most of the matches. Lesnar suffered a minor injury at the house show the night before, so WWE wouldn't let him wrestle, which is why they sent Benoit as a make-good. Tommy Dreamer's wedding next month is to former ECW valet Beulah McGuillicutty. Test got surgery to remove the gynaecomastia from his chest, same surgery the Rock and others have had. Speaking of surgery, Jerry Lawler had cosmetic surgery on his face as well, with work on his jawline and around his eyes. That's why he was wearing sunglasses on Raw or using binoculars when they cut to him during the HLA segment and why his face looked swollen. Dave says this isn't the first time, and as far back as 15 years ago, Lawler got surgery to get rid of the beginnings of a double-chin. Lilian Garcia signed a recording contract with Universal Records, with a single releasing next month.
  • Chris Jericho was on Bubba The Love Sponge's radio show, out of character. He said he's not interested in winning the WWE title anymore because he already accomplished all his wrestling goals, now he just wants to entertain fans and help get new stars over. He talked about how losing to Cena recently was his idea and he had to talk them into it. Hulk Hogan called in and put over how great Jericho is.
  • Nathan Jones won an appeal in the courts last week to get a work visa so he can come work in the U.S. He's been able to travel everywhere except the U.S., but an arrest from several years ago prevented him from getting a visa to work here, which is why WWE dropped his developmental contract. With that taken care of, Dave figures we'll probably see him in WWE soon.
  • Filming for Rock's next movie "Helldorado" was delayed due to the presence of an endangered species of bird called a Bell's Vireo bird. Until the bird leaves the area, they weren't allowed to film. That's hilarious.
NEXT WEDNESDAY: controversial fallout from both the HLA and Billy & Chuck angles, WWC in Puerto Rico has a disastrous weekend, details on death of a wrestler training with Dalip Singh, and more...
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2020.09.23 14:59 HappierDaysAhead Ex gf destroyed my psychologically. Need help moving on.

This is a long read but if you want to hear screwed up, here it is. Dated her for 4 years was a bad relationship. She lied all the time. Would constantly block me after a couple of good weeks suddenly without explaination. Then ghost me and come back and be “in love again”. It conditioned me to freak out every time she did it and call text chase her. I was dumb but I fell into this pattern of conditioning, it was torture. There were many other horrible things also including violence.
But We broke up a year and half ago. She dated someone else. We still stayed in contact but it was still the same screwy game, I just couldn’t let go, so I stuck around in the wing.
Eventually her and that guy break up and she asks if she can stay with me for a bit before she gets her own place. I say yes, being the fool in love still. We move her in and things are great. Exciting we hook up. Tell each other we love each other all the time etc. how grateful she is I’m helping her. That she’ll always be here for me. Both agree she should be single awhile but talk about maybe dating again.
After the first week the nightmare begins.
On my birthday she starts setting up her own bedroom in my spare room. This immediately makes me feel weird because we didn’t talk about that. It also makes me feel rejected in some way that after the romance she doesn’t want to sleep with me but take over another room. I told her that it made me feel weird. Which turned into an argument and I said she had to move out soon because this is already throwing me off because of my feelings for her.
The argument ended with her breaking a bunch of plates, calling the old guy asking to move back, in which he declined. Ruined my birthday, she obvs didn’t get me a gift.
The next day she’s flying back to our home town for a week. Things are fine. She comes back we are about to hook up and she says she can’t. Because she hooked up with someone and the condom broke and didn’t want to confuse things. We weren’t exclusive but that was just too much for me.
I went down to play guitar out of my frustration. It was 11pm on a Saturday and we usually stay up late. She demanded I stopped and I said no it’s my house I want to play guitar for a bit. So she starts slamming doors over and over and screaming at the top of her lungs over and over again. I ask her to stop and she finally does.
20 mins later cops show up. Neighbor called because of her screams. Had to explain the situation and fortunately no one was arrested.
At this point I feel like such shit in my own house I can’t even sleep anymore.
We try to be amicable and focus on having a connection still. I didn’t suddenly stop loving her after this even though I wish I could.
The next weekend she asks me to plan a date so I do. She ghosts me the ENTIRE weekend. I’m so mad because of the ghosting but also because I can’t do anything because if she randomly comes back I have to let her in the building so I can’t go out and do anything.
I sent her a bunch of angry texts saying I’ve had it and she’s got to move out. She comes home and apologized said she stayed with a girlfriend. Which the next day I found out was a lie because she left a journal open saying she met some guy that weekend and they are exclusive already.
This gave me a legit anxiety attack, felt like I was going to have a heart attack which she calms me down and acts nice. Later that night she starts packing her luggage. I asked her if she’s leaving.
She says yes. I pry a bit more and she said some guy was supposed to give her 2k for nudes but he didn’t pay her so now she ‘has to go fuck guys for money’ and goes on this psychotic rant about men.
I assume this guy she’s seeing is paying her money some kind of sugar daddy thing because no one pays 2k for nudes.
A few days later she asks me for a loan because she can’t afford her apt move in cost as she just started a job (she has a good career). I was so stressed and wanted her out so I said yes but made her sign a promissory note. She said she was also going to get out of the relationship ship with this guy.
I give her the loan (1500). Over the next week things seem alright but occasionally she’d just be fuckkng mean to me for no reason. Told me she didn’t want to talk, to leave her alone whenever I just said hey how’s it going etc. telling me I haven’t helped her at all. Having her move in didn’t cost me anything and the loan she has to pay back that I’ve done nothing for her. one day she loves me and cares about me next day she’s just mean back and fourth.
She acts so mean to me one night that I did something to be a jerk. I texted some guy she’s been also banging off and on for years she was talking to that she had herpes and was just going to use him also (this is actually true). I felt bad for doing that it was petty, she flipped out but obviously they smoothed it over.
Then the weekend before she moves out she ghosts me again after making plans with me to hang out with that guy. I’m so angry at this point I sent a bunch of angry texts and said get your shit in a few days I don’t care anymore.
So her new guy is a lawyer and threatens me. So I said fuck it get your things now. She BRINGS this dude to move her out. I asked her not to or bring anyone else but she still does it. I leave because I don’t want to be there for that. Whole situation sucked gave me a ton of anxiety.
After they finally finish she texts me because the dude wants to meet me because I told her that dude coming over was fucked up. I said no twice. Then he texted me from her number and I’m just like dude leave.
The next day she gets her last things alone she’s being super friendly. So I thought alright cool at least this can end without pure resentment.
The next day I’m blocked everywhere the day before she’s supposed to pay the loan back. I lose my shit because I know she’s not paying me back now. I texted her like 30 times from another number about the loan and she needs to pay me back or I’ll go to small claims. So she tells me to fuck off a certain amount of times so she can claim I’m harassing her.
At this point I try to reach out a few more times and then I just say screw it you can keep it im tired.
She finally talks to me in the phone saying how grateful she is and she loves me and I’m a good person. But then tells me how the boyfriend was going to file lawsuits against my business and drain me in lawyer fees but she is going to talk him out of it.
Over the next day I lose my shit try texting her a million times from different numbers because I was seriously freaked out about this dude filing lawsuits against my business. I just wanted her to give me closure on that plus everything else that happened. It seriously destroyed my mental health and I have several alcohol induced text message breakdowns.
All of this happened over 30 days.
It’s been two weeks and she hasn’t given me a single response. I’m trying to move on from this but mentally I’m just ruined. This relationship over the years has seriously given me PTSD. How do I come to terms with this and move on?
Tl;dr: ex destroyed me psychologically over the years and recently. Need help letting go and feeling better / moving forward.
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2020.09.23 14:37 Archimedes1985 Leftists' Election Toolkit for Debating Centrists and Reight-Wingers (beginners edition)

Election season toolkit for all up and coming leftists:
Statement: "landlords provide housing"
Fact: landlords take housing off the market in order to charge a premium price for its use that is often higher than what most people can afford. Remove the landlord, and the house is still there.
Statement: "Socialists want to take your money and stuff and give it to lazy people."
Fact: Socialists don't care about your personal possessions. What most of us want is to take the excess earnings accumulated through wage thief and exploitation and give it back to the people whose labor made those earnings possible.
Statement: "The police protect people, defunding the police means crime would run rampant everywhere."
Fact: Defund is a horrible way of putting it. But "redistributing police budgets and funding programs like community response teams, drug rehabilitation centers, and affordable housing so the cops can do their actual job and not everything under the sun" isn't as catchy.
Statement: "BLM and Antifa are a bunch of terrorists."
Fact: Violence on the left has occurred, but its random and sporadic. To date there is no organized group called Antifa or BLM. These terms encompass ideas, but not organizations. But on the right, that's different story, and one I'm not going to get into today.
Statement: "Socialized medicine will bankrupt our system and cause wait times to be atrocious."
Fact: Yes, I'm simplifying the statement, but at this point, if you believe these ideas, you're just ignoring reality. Our healthcare system is already the most expensive in the world, and that's without providing healthcare to everyone. We are currently the only country in the world that doesn't have universal healthcare. Not providing it just seems irresponsible at this point.
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2020.09.23 13:59 Podgrzybek2 Trusting again after abusive relationship

I (25F) got out of a mentally abusive 2 year long relationship 6 months ago. There was never physical violence, but lies, manipulations , threats, alcoholism and drug use on my exes part..... Sad thing is , at the beginning, things were absolutely amazing, and even through all the problems there was still a definite connection on an emotional and spiritual level which I've never felt with anyone before.
I recently joined dating sites again. Wasn't really in it seriously looking for anything , more so out of curiosity, boredom , maybe in the hope that something will rekindle in me...and so it happened. I met a 29M , and we immediately clicked. We are able to talk for hours , agree to disagree or enjoy shared opinions, we enjoy the same things, were both as affectionate and clearly both into one another on the same level, there is no stupid games between us. He is extremely caring , very respectful, kind, funny,basically all the good things. And here is where my problem Seems too good to be true , and yet it feels so right. We've openly spoken about our pasts and our feelings, I've told him that it's something that bothers me and his reply was only time will prove to me that what I see from him is exactly who he is and that if I ever don't want him around any more he promises not to give me grief over it or be a pain in my side , but until then if I can put some trust in him he'd love to spend time with me and see where things bring us.
The big part of my worry is how amazing he thinks I am - he repeats that I am fantastic , amazing, beautiful.....I don't know if it's my self consciousness that raises alarms when I hear those things , or is It a past of being love bombed , but it is definitely making me stop myself from being as fully involved in this as I'd like to be.
I suppose my question is , how do people juggle past experiences and traumas with allowing yourself to just let go and fall in love? How much of these feelings which I get is my gut instincts being correct and I should be cautious or how much of it is me painting everyone with the same brush and unfairly not trusting this guy just because of my own past , do good guys who will absolutely accept you for everything that you are and not turn out to be a psychopath even exist any more?
I really, really like this guy. He seems like everything id ever looked for bottled up in one. I want this to be true, and yet I'm afraid. Is this normal hesitation having come out of an abusive relationship, or if it was love would these things not matter any more?
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2020.09.23 13:41 Podgrzybek2 Trusting again after abusive relationship

I (25F) got out of a mentally abusive 2 year long relationship 6 months ago. There was never physical violence, but lies, manipulations , threats, alcoholism and drug use on my exes part..... Sad thing is , at the beginning, things were absolutely amazing, and even through all the problems there was still a definite connection on an emotional and spiritual level which I've never felt with anyone before.
I recently joined dating sites again. Wasn't really in it seriously looking for anything , more so out of curiosity, boredom , maybe in the hope that something will rekindle in me...and so it happened. I met a 29M , and we immediately clicked. We are able to talk for hours , agree to disagree or enjoy shared opinions, we enjoy the same things, were both as affectionate and clearly both into one another on the same level, there is no stupid games between us. He is extremely caring , very respectful, kind, funny,basically all the good things. And here is where my problem Seems too good to be true , and yet it feels so right. We've openly spoken about our pasts and our feelings, I've told him that it's something that bothers me and his reply was only time will prove to me that what I see from him is exactly who he is and that if I ever don't want him around any more he promises not to give me grief over it or be a pain in my side , but until then if I can put some trust in him he'd love to spend time with me and see where things bring us.
The big part of my worry is how amazing he thinks I am - he repeats that I am fantastic , amazing, beautiful.....I don't know if it's my self consciousness that raises alarms when I hear those things , or is It a past of being love bombed , but it is definitely making me stop myself from being as fully involved in this as I'd like to be.
I suppose my question is , how do people juggle past experiences and traumas with allowing yourself to just let go and fall in love? How much of these feelings which I get is my gut instincts being correct and I should be cautious or how much of it is me painting everyone with the same brush and unfairly not trusting this guy just because of my own past , do good guys who will absolutely accept you for everything that you are and not turn out to be a psychopath even exist any more?
I really, really like this guy. He seems like everything id ever looked for bottled up in one. I want this to be true, and yet I'm afraid. Is this normal hesitation having come out of an abusive relationship, or if it was love would these things not matter any more?
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2020.09.23 11:49 Sloeman 35[M4F] Aylesbury - UK (between London and Oxford), do adventure loving introverts exist?

It has taken a long time to become confident in what I want out of life and unfortunately that has shrunk my dating pool a LOT. Let's give this thing a try, I'll try to keep it brief, bullet points maybe, everyone loves bullet points right?
The usual tags to begin with: Athiest, Frugal, Financially independent, Professional, Adventurous, GTD, Onebag, Solotravel (happy to change that one)
Really I'm looking for someone who doesn't need me but would be happier for my company, bonus points if you give good hugs.
Quite honestly I'm usually happy being on my own but I do like having company and I can see myself becoming a eccentric yet grumpy old man if I don't share my time with someone more often. I'm the kind of guy who offers tea and coffee from my motorhome to motorists stuck in the snow. I'll swim out to some Vietnamese fishermen with a bag of beers and swim back to the beach to BBQ up some traded squid. I'm a disinterested yet adequate cook, generous lover and hugger, giant (audio)bookworm and love the idea of retiring before hitting 50. While I sound extroverted I think I'm the opposite, I spend plenty of time reading, playing games or browsing reddit quietly on my own. My ideal relationship would be with someone happy to share a giant hammock and read books together, I love that relaxed feeling of being together without needing to be constantly doing something.
I've made lots of progress through my bucket list these past few years, publishing books, travelling to exotic places, owning a business. The next one is to write an academic paper that is published in a peer reviewed journal. I'm very tempted to commit again to a Vanlife or Narrowboat style of living, both of which I enjoyed in the past. When winter hits I generally go abroad and travel around as cheaply as I can without being disrespectful to anyone. I'm not quite a shoestring traveller but close enough. Staying in a few places for long periods of time to understand them and enjoy them feels like a better way to travel to me than trying to do the lightning tours that get you all the pictures with the landmarks without ever talking to a local. I have many stories that you can pry out of me with a glass or two of wine.My friends find me an oddity, most of them have children now and while I do visit them, we can rarely have fun any more without some issue with the kids.Physical description: Brown curly hair, glasses (though saving up for eye surgery), 6' tall, a few extra lbs (working on that, losing about 2 per week).
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2020.09.23 08:27 cruncheepickles Got cheated on, did not get much support

This is long brace yourself
-Ex emotionally cheated on me. He was to blame for the affair but homewrecker got herself personally involved with me so shit got messy
-home wrecker was following me on insta before the affair went down, thought she was just a friend of my ex as he said, so didn't think much of it
-Had a bad feeling about homewrecker when she found me on facebook even though my real name is not on instagram so got creeped out and blocked her everywhere
-i told my ex ik hes cheating because he canceled our date, asks to see other ppl and deleted our pics, i got angry and said things I didn't mean. Ex got defensive, showed what I told him to his friend who called me "verbally abusive" just because like any other person who got cheated on, I went off. I did not even say threats or words of violence mind u I was just upset
-Ex admitted he cheated, i broke up with him but we both knew we were having issues and decided to talk problems out to get closure
-While we were fixing pending issues, ex got an anonymous text saying "bitch watch out, I know you're with *my name*" which was a laughably weak threat and I knew it was the homewrecker but she denied it. They knew my name and spelled it perfectly (which is an uncommon name) and homewrecker knew how to find me on fb so, I mean its not hard to connect the dots
-After we talked things out I decided to cut my ex off because he didn't sever ties with the homewrecker
-Ex did not want to lose me so he went to homewreckers place n told her he wants to be with me in which homewrecker replies "but shes fat!" Now folks im not fat, im of average weight, second of all weight shouldn't be a reason to not deserve someone, third this is a 25 year old grown ass woman picking on a 20 year old and we've never met and fourth, I was insulted because shes ugly as hell and had the audacity to say that. My ex defended that I wasn't and told her off
-Ex told me he turned her down. I didn't believe him until I unblocked homewrecker briefly to check her facebook profile (that she uses as a diary) and she spammed heartbreak posts (even though you can hardly call what she had a relationship), acting like the victim and getting lots of loving support. She was also sporting a new mental breakdown haircut
-A month later I thought everything was over until I got a random follow request from a random chick who I got a weird feeling about. decided to look at her friends list and what are the odds shes friends with homewrecker. I obv blocked her. It pissed me off she can't let this go
TL;DR! I want to hear ppls thoughts because my friends didn't wanna hear me rant they acted burdened with my problems about the affair. I want to get revenge but I was so busy with school I did not want to waste my energy and wanted to be the mature one but I feel unsatisfied and now its too late. I feel like this messed me up even more cuz it happened right before covid. Just thought I should get help here.
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2020.09.23 05:01 Michaelbublade Violence in iCarly

I see very little discussion about Sam's violence in the show besides in youtube comments. People seem to mostly take issue with it because Sam ends up in a relationship with Freddie and liken it to domestic abuse. So my question to those people is how could icarly have done better without taking out comedic violence as a whole? I actually would find it stranger if Sam suddenly changed her whole personality just because she started dating him. How can we portray violence in media comically without normalizing serious issues?
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2020.09.23 04:04 Hentiababygirl [F4A] romance roleplay partner needed (long term)

Hello and thank you for giving my post a moment of your time to hear. Hopefully someone out there will be intrigued by what I have to offer.
First I would like to describe the type of character I would want my partner to rp as. I am very picky when it comes to a roleplay and the dynamic between our characters. If it’s very stale and repetitive, I get bored and tend to fall off our streak of messages.
I would prefer your character to be: -determined -dominant -a little possessive -strong minded
I am open to both men and women. For women, my character will be a curious-bisexual. Someone who hasn’t dated a female before but can’t help those butterflies when she sees a pretty girl.
To put it in kind words, my character will be very stubborn as well and will probably try and push away emotions with your character. I need someone who can balance with that.
Someone who’s up for a challenge.
Now let’s talk about plots. I have many plots I would love to try out and build a dynamic relationship through.
Here are some examples:
-{mated to the alpha} you have to love werewolves to be down for this plot. And no I’m not talking about a human with wolf features that kills on a full moon. I’m talking about a man/women that can transform into a full wolf at any given second. They have a voice in their head, aka their wolf. They communicate to their wolf in their head. Their wolf guides them on their path to success. Each werewolf has a mate. Someone they are destined to be with. Someone who fulfills them. A werewolf knows who their mate is immediately. Their mate has a distinct smell that distinguishes them very well. As well as physical touch. A simple touch of the skin feels like fireworks. Now a mate can be avoided. If a werewolf decides they don’t want a mate, they can reject them. They would say “I reject (full name) as my mate” and their tie would be broken. However it is a painful rejection. Every day apart from their mate, they would die slowly and painfully. A mate rejection is as close to a suicide for a werewolf. .. so what happens when you, the alpha of your pack, is mated to me? A human
And of course there are plenty of other plots I’m down for. Message me with ideas, we can most likely think of something!
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2020.09.23 03:13 LetsRead_YouTube Backpacker Arson

On the 23 rd of June of the year 200, at around one o’clock in the morning, a guest at Childers Palace Backpackers Hostel in Queensland, Australia, found themselves stirring from their sleep. Bleary eyed and confused, they were initially annoyed that they could hear some kind of banging sound coming from the hall outside, and wondered just who could be inconsiderate enough to make so much noise in the middle of the night. But as they sat up in bed, they detected the scent of something distinct in the air around them, what might have been comforting if they’d known there were log fireplaces present in the hostel. Only there weren’t, and the smell of burning wood was accompanied by thick, black smoke trickling into the room from the crack underneath the door frame. As the guest threw himself out of bed, and shook awake his girlfriend who was sleeping in the bottom bunk, the realization only really hit him as the words passed his lips. “Get up, get up, the hostel is on fire!”
As the pair attempted to escape the building, crawling on their hands and knees to avoid inhaling the deadly black smoke, they pounded on the doors of their neighbours in an attempt to save as many lives as they could. There were no fire alarms blaring to warn the guests that anything was wrong, guests were only roused from their sleep by the warnings of others, and for some of them, those warnings came far too late. It was later reported that the hostel’s owner had actually installed fire alarms in the building, but they had all been deactivated in the weeks prior to the fire due to the systems malfunctioning, which had caused numerous false alarms. To compensate, the hostel’s owner had placed fire notes on the walls of the building, which showed the best escape route, and it was these that allowed the surviving guests to navigate their way out of the burning building. But the Palace Backpackers Hostel was a 100-year-old, two-story timber building, and the fire spread through the old, wooden structure with terrifying speed. The guest and his girlfriend fought their way out onto a first floor balcony, and luckily it was not too high of a jump, so they leapt to safety onto the ground below them, tucking and rolling as they landed to ensure they were not injured in the fall. They found their feet, and looked back onto the chaotic scene behind them. Those that couldn’t fight their way down to ground floor exits were forced to leap from balconies and windows onto the rooves of neighbouring buildings. Some were too weak to make the jumps, and landed in heaps of broken bones, their scream of pain only adding to the frenzy of flame and smoke. Around seventy backpackers managed to escape the hostel that night, with only ten of them suffering minor burns. The final escapees only managed to do so by the swift arrival of the local fire department, who raised ladders to the top floors in order for those trapped by the flames to climb down. However, fifteen backpackers, from all over the world, were not so lucky.
Immediately after the fire, residents of the local town of Childers donated food, blankets and backpacks to the survivors. A picnic bench in front of the building became something of a shrine to those lost in the fire, complete with flowers, heartfelt letters from those that survived, and fruit from the local farms. Twenty of the survivors returned a few days later to hold an impromptu memorial service with a local Catholic priest at the shrine. The service was broadcast all over the world, and made a huge impact in the news media. So much so, that Princess Ann of the British Royal Family visited Childers on the 2 nd of July, just a week after the blaze, to offer emotional support for the surviving backpackers and others involved in the disaster.
The surviving backpackers were taken to a nearby Cultural Centre that had the facilities to accommodate them, where they were subsequently questioned by local firefighters as to how the blaze could have started. Many of the survivors told them that they had simply woken up in the middle of the chaos, and had no idea how the fire could have started. There were no exposed flames, no candles or fireplaces in the entire hostel. But one survivor came forward with information regarding a strange figure who had been hanging around outside in the wee small hours of the morning, shortly before the flames ripped through the building. The guest told firefighters how he had woken up just after midnight to use the bathroom, when they had seen somebody standing outside by a burning trashcan. After noticing they were being watched, the figure extinguished the fire and the guest went back to bed, only to be awakened again about an hour later to banging sounds, shouting, and black smoke. The investigation quickly shifted from focussing on an accidental fire, to one of deliberate arson, and guests were then questioned by the police regarding any unusual characters that had been hanging around the hostel. Many then mentioned an aggressive local fruit picker by the name of Robert Long, who had been involved in a couple of run ins with his fellow guests, and was said to have a general distain for backpackers and tourists. Investigators also discovered that thirty eight year old Long had recently been evicted from the hostel after falling behind on the rent, and had vowed some form of revenge against the owners, although it as assumed that it was all just blustering and that he didn’t have it in him to actually seek retribution.
Police then publically announced that they wished to question Robert Long regarding with involvement with the fire, and asked the general public to come forward if they happened to know of his whereabouts. Five days later, an anonymous caller quickly tipped off local authorities that Long was camped out in some bushland, less than twenty miles from the town where the blaze took place. Police then drove out to the area, searching with a police dog until they found the suspected arsonist’s campsite. They approached the man, calmly asking if they could ask him a few questions surrounding the nature of the fire, as well as the threats he’d made against the hostel in the days prior. Long denied he was ever there on the day of the fire, insisting he had left the hostel on good terms and that the owners were trying
to make some kind of scapegoat out of him. But this contradicted the stories of many of the survivors, and Police then told Long he was going to be arrested on suspicion of arson. After hearing this, Long took out a knife and threatened the lives of the arresting officers. The police dog that accompanied them was then set on the suspect, but Long slashed at the dog so badly that the dog retreated from him and collapsed into the dirt. The officers then followed up the dog attack, trying to subdue the knife wielding arson suspect before he could manage to escape. One of the officers was stabbed in the chin during the arrest, and was extremely lucky that Long didn’t find their jugular vein. It was then that the other officer took out their sidearm, took aim, and put a bullet into Long’s shoulder to send him crashing to the ground, disarming him of the knife in the process. He then put handcuffs on the wounded suspect, and dragged him to the waiting police car so he could be taken into custody. All while his colleague tried to them the bleeding from their own wound, while comforting the injured police dog.
Just less than two years later, in March of 2002, Robert Long was found guilty of two charges of murder and arson, and then sentenced to life in prison by a jury of his peers. The trial judge said Long should serve a minimum of twenty years in jail for his “callous and cruel” crime. Although fifteen individuals died in the fire, Long had only been charged with two deaths in order to expedite the proceedings and to allow for other charges to be brought in the event of an acquittal. Shockingly enough, and in the face of overwhelming evidence, Long actually insisted on his innocence and quickly lodged an appeal, which was thankfully swiftly denied. However, in June of this year, Long became eligible for parole, although there has been no news regarding any parole hearings or any subsequent release date being confirmed.
As a tribute to those who lost their lives in such a senseless act of premeditated violence, Sydney artist Josonia Palaitis was commissioned to paint portraits of those who died in the fire. Josonia said it was “the most technically challenging and emotionally charged portrait I've ever undertaken”. Perhaps the artist's greatest challenge was to do the victim’s appearances justice, given that all she had were photos of them provided by their families. It was a painstaking process, but Josonia managed to arrange them in realistic poses, while maintaining the precise images from the photos. The background was researched by her to be typical of the Childers area fields where they had worked picking crops. It was a fitting tribute to the poor, unfortunate souls that ended up trapped in the Childers Palace Backpackers Hostel on the night it burned down. A horrifying avoidable tragedy perpetrated by a callous, evil man, who took the lives of fifteen innocents in a selfish, childish fit of rage.
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2020.09.23 00:18 thatforensicgirl Today Is Going To Be Visual: The Story Of Mark O. Barton's Surreal Killing Spree

Today Is Going To Be Visual: The Story Of Mark O. Barton's Surreal Killing Spree

Background, family life, and early troubles

Mark O. Barton
Mark Orrin Barton was born on April 2, 1955, in Stockbridge, Georgia. He was later raised in South Carolina and grew up as an only child.
Despite an ongoing drug habit that plagued him as a teenager, Barton was able to attend Clemson University, and then the University of South Carolina, where he graduated in 1979 with a degree in chemistry. Barton then moved back to Georgia, residing in Atlanta, and married his longtime sweetheart, Debra Spivey.
Their first child, a son named Matthew, was born in 1988. Their daughter, Michelle, came along in 1991. The Bartons were an average suburban family; Debra got along just fine with most people that she met and she adored being a mother, while Mark was on his way to becoming a successful chemist. Eventually, Barton's employer required him and his family to move to Alabama.
One of the first issues that came to light regarding Mark Barton was his seemingly out-of-the-blue paranoia. Acquaintances believed that the move to Alabama had riddled him with anxiety; he was in a new place, working around strangers, and had no nearby friends or immediate family to contact. This paranoia led him to distrust Debra. On several occasions, he accused her of cheating and threatened to take the kids away. Debra relented and soon ignored his accusations altogether. She reportedly told her parents that she was looking into divorce lawyers, and one friend recalls that Debra mentioned how Mark was physically abusive.
Around this time, Mark Barton had also gotten into trouble with his place of employment. His behavior and poor performance led to him being fired. One night, he broke into the building to sabotage computer data, resulting in him being arrested for burglary. Though he served a short jail sentence, the company declined to pursue further charges as long as Barton stayed away from his boss and limited contact with his former co-workers. This event drove the couple further apart. Bill Spivey, Debra's father, said that, during a phone call, his daughter casually mentioned how "it's a good day" when "Mark doesn't speak to [her]." They eventually refused to sleep in the same bed, with Mark choosing the couch.
One evening, Debra turned the tables on her husband, accusing him of being the unfaithful one. Her suspicions turned out to be true since Mark was, in fact, cheating. He had secretly been dating Leigh Ann Vandiver, a 20-year-old secretary. Vandiver was well-aware that Barton was married and had children, but it didn't stop their affair. Apparently a divorce was also on Mark's radar, and Leigh Ann didn't mind waiting. Her sister, Dana Reeves, expressed concern and chastised her.
"There were several times when I asked [Leigh Ann], 'How well do you know him?' and she would hesitate. When I found out that he was a married man, I was critical of her judgment."
But nothing swayed Leigh Ann's actions. She, too, was caught in a seemingly loveless marriage. She and David Lang had been high school sweethearts. While her family thought it was a match made in Heaven, Leigh Ann had a completely different viewpoint; they had rushed into things and, several months later, she realized that she wanted to be with someone else.
Mark continued to give Leigh Ann empty promises, so she stayed by his side.

1993 double homicide

Debra Barton and her mother, Eloise Spivey
Debra Barton and her mother, Eloise Spivey, had made plans for Labor Day Weekend. They rented a caravan at the Riverside Campground in Cedar Bluff, Alabama while leaving Mark in Atlanta with the kids. The two were last seen alive on the afternoon of September 4, walking peacefully around Riverside.
After failing to hear from his wife and daughter, Bill Spivey contacted a campground employee and asked if they could perform a wellness check. With no response from either Debra or Eloise after knocking on the door of their camper, the authorities were called. Upon making an entrance, two officers discovered the already-decomposing bodies of Debra Barton, aged 36, and Eloise Spivey, aged 59.
The day after Debra and Eloise had arrived at the campground, a man who had gone fishing for several hours was returning back to his caravan when he heard "a real loud fight." This was around 9 p.m., he later told police. He mentioned that he heard both a man and a woman yelling.
Another witness spotted a tall figure jogging away from a camper that turned out to be rented in Eloise Spivey's name. When asked to describe the figure, the witness recalled that it was a male, taller than 6'0" and weighing somewhere over 200 pounds. Unfortunately, the witness did not see a face because it was dark outside and could recall no other details. Another witness gave a similar account, but, instead of jogging, he referred to the figure as "running like [he'd] done something bad."
Though their graves indicate that they were murdered on September 4, a post-mortem investigation reveals that the two women were actually killed on the evening of September 5, which is backed up by the eyewitness accounts of a domestic disturbance coming from Spivey's camper.
An investigator stands by Eloise Spivey's rented camper
Various news sources cite Spivey and Barton as being stabbed, while others refer to their deaths as bludgeonings. However they died, the camper was a mess. The walls and floor were splattered with blood. It was noted that jewelry and cash had been strewn about, but nothing of value had been taken. In fact, a .32-caliber pistol, registered to Spivey, was found on the small kitchen counter. It was speculated that she'd brought the gun with her as a means of self-defense. Since Cedar Bluff and the surrounding areas weren't known to have a high crime rate, especially with violence, police theorize that Spivey was paranoid that "someone she knew" was following her and her daughter. Eerily enough, this proved to be true; the violence inflicted upon Debra Barton and Eloise Spivey appeared to be personal.
Bill Spivey was alerted to the homicides. He then contacted Mark Barton, fearing that he'd have to hear his son-in-law break down and sob over the phone. Oddly enough, Mark was calm and this surprised Bill. The two met up and drove down to Alabama. Bill recalls that Mark "didn't say much" during the car ride.
Riverside Campground in Cedar Bluff, Alabama
When they arrived at Riverside Campground, Bill heard Mark Barton say: "Huh, I've never been here before." He found that remark to be really suspicious and later told a nearby officer. Police were even more baffled at Barton's demeanor and behavior--he acted like nothing bad had happened. Not once did he ask how the pair had been killed. He didn't even appear to be sad. Thinking that Barton was just in shock, the investigation proceeded with officers asking him where he'd been on the evening of September 5. "I was at my house all day," Barton told them nonchalantly. "I was spending time with my kids."
Many had their suspicions about Barton right away. There was a limit as to what Alabama investigators could do, so authorities in Georgia were contacted and informed. Going back and forth, it was confirmed that, yes, Barton did have a criminal record, but nothing violent was found on his record.
A neighbor of the Barton family came forward a few days later, telling investigators that on September 5, he noticed that Barton's car had departed the residence "at some point after four-thirty in the afternoon." Then he mentioned that Barton hadn't returned until close to midnight. This contradicted Barton's claim that he'd been at home all day. If Barton had gone to Cedar Bluff then it would've been close to a two-hour drive. If he'd gotten back around midnight then he would've had plenty of time to go to Alabama, commit the murders, compose himself, and drive back.
Eventually, Mark Barton admitted that, yes, he'd left the house at one point, leaving the kids with Leigh Ann as a babysitter. But he hadn't gone to Alabama, he told them. First, he said he went shopping and then saw a movie; he couldn't provide receipts or a ticket, though. Mark then changed his story, claiming that he went to look for a new job. "That late in the afternoon?" he was asked. Mark Barton recanted everything and asked for a lawyer.
The sheriff went to Debra Barton's funeral to pay his respects. As soon as the service was over, he noticed that Mark was already hurrying outside. Even more shocking, Barton casually waited for a red car to pull up. Behind the wheel was Leigh Ann Vandiver, who had skipped the service altogether. The pair drove off, leaving Matthew and Michelle behind with their widowed grandfather. The sheriff was now definitely convinced that Mark Barton had something to do with the double homicide of his wife and mother-in-law.

Revelations and evidence

Leigh Ann and Mark, pictured in December 1994
Mark Barton and Leigh Ann Vandiver got married in 1995. Bill Spivey was repulsed and reportedly tried to get custody of his grandchildren, fearing that the worst was yet to come. But Mark was granted sole custody because he was their biological father and did all he could to cut Debra's surviving family members out of the picture. Even more so, Mark's own parents were given limited access to Matthew and Michelle.
"After the murders, I barely saw those kids," Bill Spivey once recalled. "I was lucky enough to visit them for their birthdays, but it still wasn't much. [Mark] didn't like having me around because he knew I thought he was guilty."
As the investigation proceeded, it was revealed that Mark Barton had taken out a $600,000 life insurance policy on Debra just a few weeks before she was killed. Of course, as big as this revelation was, it wouldn't have been enough to charge Barton and go to trial.
Mark and Leigh Ann took the kids and moved into an apartment in Stockbridge while investigators did all they could to try and connect Barton to the crime scene. Debra had sustained self-defense wounds, but there was no DNA of the killer underneath her fingernails. The only thing they had that potentially pointed to the killer's identity was vomit that had been discovered in the camper's toilet. This led to numerous theories, one of which being that Barton had thrown up after brutally killing his two family members.
"Whoever did this wasn't exactly a professional," said Richard Igou, one of the investigators. "They either lost control, rampaged, and came down from the adrenaline, or they had this planned but still couldn't stomach it."
In 1993, DNA testing wasn't as advanced as it is today. Even if it had been, vomit usually contains only shed cells, but it wouldn't have been easy to determine who it belonged to. Interrogating Mark Barton on what he had eaten the day his wife and mother-in-law died probably would've been seen as "silly" or useless. But the vomit proved to be a dead-end; the medical examiner, however, confirmed that it didn't belong to Debra Barton or Eloise Spivey, as the puke didn't match anything from the contents found in their stomachs.
The murders soon became a cold case. Anything that pointed to Barton was still on the grounds for speculation. His DNA hadn't been found at the scene, nobody confirmed that it was him who'd been running away from Spivey's camper, and Barton himself was refusing to talk to the authorities as the days went by, so a confession didn't exist or seem evident.
After just a few years of marriage, it's speculated that Leigh Ann wanted a divorce but was hesitant to leave because she feared what Mark would do if he was left alone with Matthew and Michelle
There was a point in the investigation when, in 1998, Leigh Ann was questioned. While she complied more than Barton ever had, she still didn't say much. She told them that she thought Mark was innocent but did admit that his behavior "bothered" her from time to time.
"Leigh Ann," one of the investigators told her, "if you don't feel safe living with him, or if he's threatened you, you need to tell us."
Reportedly, Leigh Ann Barton said that she was fine and that her main priority was making sure Matthew and Michelle were okay. After almost four years of marriage with Mark, there was a strong indication that she no longer viewed him as a successful, charming man. The 26-year-old woman left in a hurry and she never spoke with investigators again.

Barton's day-trading "career"

In 1994, Barton earned close to $600,000 from Debra's life insurance policy
From what we know, Mark Barton used the money he earned from Debra's life insurance policy to start his career in day-trading. To simply put it, day-trading was a way to check out the stocks and invest in them. It was a quick way to make cash but it was extremely risky.
In late-1998, Barton began day-trading at Momentum Securities. It was one of the eleven companies located at the Two Securities Center in Buckhead. Almost every day, Barton would drive from Stockbridge to Atlanta to invest in various stocks. On his best days, when he made tons of money, Barton was nicknamed "Rocket" or dubbed "The Rocket Man" due to his positive attitude and high energy. The first few weeks were promising for the former chemist. However, Barton didn't heed the warnings that he could lose money just as fast as he made it if he wasn't careful.
By May of 1999, Barton had gone through most of his money and was in debt of close to $100,000. Momentum Securities closed his account and informed him that he could no longer trade at their company. While Barton took this news extremely hard, he said that he understood their reason and left without incident.
Not one to be persuaded from day-trading, though, Mark Barton instead took the opportunity to invest elsewhere. Across the street from Momentum Securities was the Piedmont Center, which housed the offices of the All-Tech Investment Group. No more than a week after he'd been let go from Momentum, Barton was trading over at All-Tech.
The stock market was not too kind to Barton
Brent Doonan, a 25-year-old business school graduate and the co-founder of All-Tech, took notice of Barton immediately. He seemed to be a cheerful guy and had no problem giving the other traders advice on where to invest. Unbeknownst to Doonan, Mark had lied about his previous day-trading experience. He called himself a rookie and convinced everyone that he was new to the business. As he began to rake up another huge debt, All-Tech was contacted by Momentum Securities. Had Barton disclosed his debt of $100,000 that he owed to Momentum, All-Tech would've denied him an account.
Doonan was given the difficult task of informing Barton that they, too, would be closing his account. The pair had grown somewhat close and Doonan cringed at the idea of having to let a "good buddy" like Barton go. But his business partner reminded him that they were a new company and couldn't take a risk with someone like Mark O. Barton.
Barton understood All-Tech's position on the matter and promised Doonan that he'd return one day with all of the money that he owed them. He left without incident, just like he'd done at Momentum. But something about Mark's seemingly calm departure bothered Doonan and a few of the other employees.
"I guarantee you that's not the last of him that we'll see," a female co-worker told Doonan.

The Atlanta Day Trader Murders: July 29, 1999

A crime scene photo from the aftermath of the All-Tech shooting
On July 29, 1999, Brent Doonan was in a conference room when he was informed that Mark Barton was there to see him. "I think he's back with my money," Doonan joked quietly to a secretary. "He can come in! Mark?"
Barton popped his head into the room and said: "Hey Brent, you got a minute? Come here, you're gonna love this!"
Smiling, Doonan politely excused himself from the meeting and walked to his office with Barton in tow. Upon entering the small room, Barton closed the door and blinds. Confused, Doonan was waiting patiently for Barton to hand over a check or give him an update on the money he owed. Instead, Barton's smile faded. "Today," he said, towering over the five-foot-ten Doonan, "is going to be visual..."
In an instant, he pulled out two handguns and fired. Doonan felt "an intense pressure" in his chest, then he fell to the floor. Barton turned his attention to those who were outside of Doonan's office. Calmly walking out, he aimed at the table of day-traders on the main floor. Bang! Bang! Bang! Shots fired were fired at random. One man had no time to react and slumped dead in his seat, killed instantly by a shot to the head. Another person heard Barton taunt: "I hope this doesn't ruin your trading day!"
Nell Jones' computer after Barton had attempted to shoot her in the head
Taking aim at trader Nell Jones, Barton was caught off-guard by Doonan attempting to tackle him. The bullet missed Jones and wound up shattering her computer screen. Doonan's act of bravery gave numerous people time to flee, but the larger man overpowered him, firing rapidly towards Doonan's body. The 25-year-old was struck an additional three times but he managed to stagger down a hallway as Barton turned to shoot someone else.
As Doonan and others ran for their lives, 911 calls came flooding in, but not from All-Tech.
Unbeknownst to many, Barton had already opened fire elsewhere. A few minutes before he walked over to the Piedmont Center, Barton had gone to Momentum Securities to look for the office managers. One of them was on vacation but the other manager, Kevin Dial, wasn't so lucky. After attempting to speak with Barton, Dial was killed by numerous shots to the chest at close-range. Before he left Momentum, Barton killed four people and wounded several others. As he headed towards All-Tech, a civilian walked by and noticed the red blood droplets on Barton's legs and shorts. The civilian would later admit that he thought Barton "had just finished painting something."
Brent Doonan was a \"prime target\" in Barton's rampage
Doonan found his way to a service elevator, rapidly pressing the button as Barton's gunfire grew closer. As the doors opened, Doonan looked back to see Vadewattee Muralidhara running towards him. Barton "appeared out of nowhere" and shot her in the head. Doonan stumbled into the elevator and managed to close the doors as Barton raised his gun to finish him off. Panicking, Doonan went up instead of down. He found himself in another company's office, surrounded by strangers.
"I've been shot! He's shooting people!" Doonan told the workers. They hesitated, wondering if it was a prank. Doonan pleaded with them to get him, and themselves, inside of a locked room because Barton was probably coming upstairs to kill everybody.
In the confusion and mass hysteria, the workers tended to Doonan's wounds while calling 911. After nearly two hours, the SWAT team reached Doonan and took him to an ambulance. Had they arrived just a few minutes later, Doonan would have bled to death.
In less than thirty minutes, Mark Barton had killed nine people in two different locations, wounded numerous bystanders, and evaded police as he drove off in his green minivan.

Barton's suicide and the murders in Stockbridge

Mark Barton's body is removed from his green minivan after he commits suicide
A few hours later, police received a lead that Mark O. Barton was in Acworth.
After failing to take a teenage girl hostage, Barton veered on to the highway, where a patrolman spotted him driving erratically. Within minutes, his vehicle was cornered at a Shell gas station. Backup arrived and they ordered Barton to surrender. As they approached his minivan, Barton put his Colt .45 against his temple and fired, killing himself instantly. He was 44-years-old.
When they could not make contact with his immediate family, the door to Barton's apartment in Stockbridge was kicked in. Leigh Ann Vandiver Barton, aged 27, was found in the hallway closet; Mark had bludgeoned her to death with a hammer, presumably while she slept. Upon further inspection, Matthew, aged 11, and Michelle, aged 8, were found in a back bedroom. They were also killed with the same weapon. Barton had tucked them into their beds and left individual notes on their bodies, explaining why they had to perish. Michelle's baby doll was found cradled in her arm; next to Matthew's body was a toy truck.
Left to right, the Bartons: Michelle, Leigh Ann, Mark, and Matthew
Another note was found on the coffee table in the living room. Mark Barton explained that he killed Leigh Ann two nights prior, on July 27, because "she was one of the main reasons for his demise." He killed Matthew and Michelle the next night, on July 28, after taking them out to dinner and buying them toys at a nearby Wal-Mart. Barton also explained in his suicide note that he killed the children in order to "spare them from a lifetime of pain." He says that he couldn't imagine them growing up and living in the shadow of "what he had planned to do [in Atlanta]."
Barton spoke of his first wife and mother-in-law, but he still denied having anything to do with their murders. He mentioned "waking up at night [...] nobody should feel that level of fear while alive." He acknowledged that something was wrong with his mental health but he couldn't explain it.
I don't plan to live very much longer, just long enough to kill as many of the people that greedily sought my destruction, Barton's letter concludes.


Brent Doonan survived Barton's killing spree after being shot five times and nearly bleeding to death
After being shot five times, Brent Doonan underwent numerous surgeries, which included having one of his ribs removed, as well as a portion of his diaphragm. In 2006, he helped co-write the book Murder at the Office, which detailed Mark Barton's early life, killing spree, and Doonan's road to recovery. He is now married with a son.
Several people who were wounded during Barton's killing spree also faced permanent injuries. One survivor committed suicide a few years later.
Bill Spivey criticized the investigators of his daughter and wife's murders, claiming that if they'd done more and arrested Barton years earlier, then "twelve more people wouldn't have died at his hands." Spivey passed away in 2005.
On the tenth anniversary of the shootings, a few former investigators who handled the 1993 double homicide agreed in unison that Mark Barton was "absolutely responsible" for the deaths of Debra Barton and her mother, Eloise Spivey.
Barton's mother was once quoted as saying that she couldn't comprehend or understand her son's actions, but that she forgives him.
The All-Tech Investment Group disbanded a few years after the massacre, despite support from the community. The same thing happened to Momentum Securities, who was unable to recover from the tragedy. The buildings where the massacres took place still stand to this day.


  • Leigh Ann Vandiver Barton, 27
  • Matthew Barton, 11
  • Michelle Barton, 8
  • Russell J. Brown, 42
  • Dean Delawalla, 52
  • Joseph J. Dessert, 60
  • Kevin Dial, 38
  • Jamshid Havash, 45
  • Vadewattee Muralidhara, 44
  • Allen Charles Tenenbaum, 48
  • Edward Quinn, 58
  • Scott A. Webb, 30
  • Debra Barton, 36\*
  • Eloise Spivey, 59\*
*While Mark Barton was never officially charged with the murder, I feel it's appropriate to remember them, too. I also believe that he is responsible for their deaths due to strong evidence.
Sources: Murder at the Office, AP Archives, Wikipedia, Who The F\*k Did I Hire?*
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2020.09.22 23:11 Hatsjusthats Creepy jackwagons come in all shapes and sizes and take aim at all kinds of people.

This is slightly long, mostly just because I'm verbose.
So I lurk, and have enjoyed some of your stories. So I thought I would share my newest one. This is a case of a D&D player doing some real life fuckery. It's not actually about D&D, its about the importance of carefully curating your table. Also it has some political bullshit, is that important? You decide, I really should have trusted my gut and ran. But I fall into a number of demographics that a certain group of people like to speak for far to often. Female, gay, mixed race, weirdly important.
Now I've played D&D and other TTRPG's for 17 years. I've had good games, bad, great, horrible. Hell I played with a bunch of Mofo's in Afghanistan. So I've played with a lot of people over the years and I give no fucks who you are in your personal life, does not affect the game therefore I don't care.
So my little brother's girlfriend is interested in the game and they ask me if I will teach them? Hell yes, all the people in this hobby now! So they bring a couple more friends and now I've got 5 people in their early 20's sitting around the coffee table. I have a nice little fetch quest built up for just this situation, some rp opportunity, some skill work, a couple of opportunities for simple combat if they want. But I stuck to core races and classes in the PHB while explaining that this is just to keep things simple for this little 3 hour run. Basically nice and simple but versatile so they can get an idea of the potential, nice.
Now one of these people had immediately set off some alarms in my head. Everything in me said keep them hyper focused on the game and do not engage them IRL. I am given their pronouns, which directly contradict their physical appearance. Cool I literally don't care so whatever, as far as I'm concerned if you want to be a she I can call you a she.(and will just refer to them as she from here) She is wearing a orientation flag shirt with a certain 3 letter acronym on the shirt. Ok, still don't care. She also happens to fit the most offensive stereotype of a D&D player. You know the one, smells bad, takes up physical space, dirty hands, fresh crumbs on the shirt? That, that is her. So I go turn the AC off and open up the windows and get some fans running to stop the smell from settling into the house. This person takes the loveseat and promptly tucks a throw pillow under her arm...fuccckkkkk gonna need to throw that away. So admittedly I am annoyed with this person right off the bat, bad hygiene in other peoples spaces is rude.
But whatever I roll with it, not the most annoying thing people have ever done. Game goes good, they are interested, but defiantly enjoy the fuckery as a group. Intentional TV tropes and giggling abound, on multiple occasions I get to sit back and watch 3 of them just fuck around and discuss things in character only needing to interject as an NPC. The other 2 seem happy even if they are not as outgoing as the others. I don't like She, she is physically touchy irl and I do not like people I barely know touching me. I like me personal space, and the hands....the nails looked like they belonged on a mechanic but they are not one, that's how dirty she's hands are. She also insisted on playing the bard trope, attempts to hit on every single NPC in this short session. And would try to roll to force me to respond to her positively. It was a creepy that guy neck beard scene through and through. But whatever this is a one off I can suck it up.
So we do our thing, they have fun and decide they do want to join a dedicated group but have a comic artist amongst them who wants to learn to dm. I've known this kid forever so I hand over a couple of books and kick them out of my house. Well I run around my house because I'm meeting some friends. It's been maybe 10 mins since they left and as I step outside She is still parked in front of my house. Some conversation leads to her asking me out. I say no thank you. She asks if I want to hang out online and ERP with her. No. And go about my evening.
A couple days later my brother asks if he can give She my phone number or Discord handle since I won't accept any of her social media invites. He even says "I know the answer but girlfriend asked me to ask." Fair enough bro, but still no. Over the next few months, basically the whole summer, I keep running into She. She does not work or live in the same town, she doesn't have a dog but ends up at the dog park, She tried to bring me coffee on a random Sunday and even showed up to hang out when my brother and I were grilling at his place. Everywhere I go SHE is there. Always asking me to Join some new server with her, or join a game, or come watch a movie, or on more than one occasion asking me to RP with her by herself to help her improve. I am being more and more aggressive with turning her down and outright telling her to stop talking to me. So I'm being stalked...yay. Not too worried, just annoyed. So I find out through my brother that She's character in their game has a wife...who is me. Didn't even change the name just the way it is spelled. Creepy, but I don't care, that is a whole lot of not my problem. She tries to ERP...with her me puppet, my brother puts a stop to that.
So she wrote it and put it in my mailbox...yay. Now I'm annoyed. So I ask my bro when the next time he and his friends are going to be together and let him know I'm crashing it to put my foot down. I am a dramatic person, I know it, and play it up for my own entertainment. I'm also decent looking and in good shape. So I show up looking like a hot lesbian lumberjack. Frankly my normal with a few extra mins of effort, because armor up before a fight. In I come, Letter on the table, heavy handed words calling her out on stalking in front of her friends, no holds explaining she is a manipulative asshat for attempting to push me into dating her, and telling her in front of her people to fuck off out of my life. I figured a small verbal smackdown calling out her bad behavior would cause enough embarrassment to shame her into leaving me alone since asking didn't work.
I was wrong, Instead I was informed that I am an racist, a fatphobe, a transphobe, a sexist, and a Ni**er.
Did I mention I'm an asshole? I giggled, and got a beer from my bro's fridge. Then gave a deep bow and asked She to please elaborate. I just got told fuck you bitch a lot until she left.
TL;DR Ran a game of D&D with some new people interested in the game. Afterwards nasty, unclean, exceptionally pushy human being gets upset that I will not date them. Proceeds to use my hobby as an avenue to stalk me an (badly) attempt to manipulate me into dating/ERP with her. Accuses me of being a number of style of bigot and throws in some racist slurs in for good measure.
(A few points incase someone decides to get salty. 1. Two separate trans women, who I was not dating, have accused me, a lesbian who doesn't like dicks, of being a transphobe for refusing to suck their dicks. I am now incredibly cautions. 2. The local SJW community frequently butts heads with and threatens violence against our local LGBT shooting club, which I am part of. I have learned to be cautious. 3. I am ok if I'm the asshole here, thinking being a member of a specific demographic lets you be a trash human is a very trash human thing to think.)
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2020.09.22 22:38 rongoldman0J You are NOT doing yourself any favors!!

Listen and please heed my warnings. Visiting this subreddit is not doing you any favors. Last year, I became a reddit user and stopped using it because visiting subreddits about dating and being an incel just reinforced certain ideals that made me feel completely insignificant everyday. Brothers, I am telling you, the key to living in peace is NOT a female. It is not. We are biologically programmed to mate mate mate. Find a mate, make more humans. We look around and see all these couples and wonder "what's wrong with me?" We go on a date and we get ghosted. We go to the bar and get ignored. People don't flirt with us and you know what, until you say "I don't give a shit" you are giving people who do not matter the power to control your happiness.
I used to use Tinder and Hinge and I had probably 5 dates in a row where I felt the date went fine and they ended up just ignoring me afterwards. I felt absolutely horrible about myself. All I ever wanted was to not be alone anymore. I wanted, somebody, ANYBODY. But when I finally started living my own life, I realized those people I went on dates with weren't even fun to be around. One girl told me she didn't watch movies that contained any violence. Even movies that were PG-13. Note that both her and I are 24. Another girl didn't listen to any music, had no movies she could talk about, seemed like she didn't have any hobbies outside of work and wasn't even that fun but I got so hurt when she ghosted me just because I wanted to not be alone. Another took her phone out when the bill came around to make it clear that she wouldn't be the one paying for the drinks. Not to mention she barely said a word the whole time and I had to carry the conversation. A person in their right state of mind realizes none of these are a good match but people like us think it is just cause it's a female. WRONG. Living like this is absolutely outrageous. Do not give women the power to define who you are. I know that is easier said than done but I will tell you what worked for me if you are in a rut.
This summer that just passed, I returned to the city I'm doing postgraduate study in after quarantining in my hometown. In all honesty, I haven't had a good experience here. I've made a lot of fake friends who are too competitive with school and have no problem stabbing each other in the back. My workplace is full of people who don't say more than hi and bye to each other. The friend I made here who I'm completely comfortable with always flakes on me and never wants to do anything except play xbox on his spare time. And as previously stated, I've been rejected to the point where I've just felt like total crap. All of these things happened and in July I could only think about suicide. The only thing on my mind was how bad I just wanted to die every single waking minute. I needed something to stop this immediately so I did a few things:
  1. I saw a psychiatrist and got prescribed Zoloft
  2. I picked up a new athletic hobby that I attend 4 or more days per week
  3. I found new music that I loved
  4. I started writing my own rhymes stating explicitly how I felt
2 months later and I am starting to feel like a human again. I don't even look at couples anymore cause why do that to myself? I don't look at girls on my campus cause quite frankly I'm just sick of it. I'm tired of looking at these things and going "ohhhh what's wrong with me, I bet they'd reject me!!" Who cares? Like seriously who cares? They don't get to control how I feel about myself. People who ignore you and step on you shouldn't have the power to make you feel subhuman. I'm still a work in progress and I can't say I don't sometimes get feelings of lonliness and isolation but I am starting to realize that I do not need a female in my life to live happily. I don't need to stress about couples and "how they did it" or how "he's smarter, taller, cooler, that's why he has a girlfriend and he's better than me". All I need is the feeling of inner power. The feeling that I am a person of value without needing approval from another. You are also people of power, now go find that and the first step is leaving this subreddit and picking up new habits. A girlfriend is not where happiness lies. It lies from within. Good luck kings.
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2020.09.22 22:16 throwawaysoggysock Former r/FemaleDatingStategy member: Why I left and why I STILL support FDS.

FemaleDatingStrategy is “The only dating subreddit exclusively for women!” If you don’t already know what this subreddit is, take a glace and form a first opinion.
I am a former member of FDS. While I only ever lurked on the subreddit, I was a part of their discord channel. I was an active participant for a few months and left a few months ago.
FDS has a bad reputation on Reddit. Some of it is garnered, but some of it is just plain wrong. I want to talk about my personal experience with the community. I left because my views did not align 100% with theirs, and I’m not dating during quarantine times. However, I STILL think FDS is worth looking into for any women out there that need support.
Predictably, Reddit makes up their own image of FDS users as ugly, hateful creatures in order to dismiss their viewpoints. Things I’ve seen passed around: femcels, gold-diggers, misandrists, unattractive, entitled.
The truth? Yes, some of them are like that. Believe it or not, a lot of them AREN’T like that. Based on my interactions, here what I believe to be true- no sugar coating:
  1. Some users are manipulative of men for money. There is an option to be invited into a discord server called “Dark Triad Women”. It’s dedicated to getting the most resources out of men as much as possible. They also have rules that members cannot suggest these strategies to the FDS discord. I appreciate that they know not all of us are into that. I’d say only 3% of FDS members are on this other server.
  2. The majority are just women who have been burned by men in their lives and who need community and guidance. FDS provides a judgement-free zone for women to spout their grievances about past relationships and the trauma they had from it. The women on there are extremely supportive and relate to each other. The thing that sets incel communities and FDS apart imo is that FDS users have experienced trauma on a profoundly different level. Incel men complain about how no one will sleep with them or give them affection. FDS women have been raped, beaten, isolated, and gaslighted. MGTOW men have been hurt by women in their lives. FDS women have and still are hurt by men in their lives, random men in the streets, and by society as a whole.
  3. FDS is not like MGTOW. Those that make this comparison is lacking perspective. The strategy part of FDS is geared towards protecting oneself and making sure they will not be a victim or doormat in the future. MGTOW men have already, as they say, “gone their own way”. They are either focused on their single lives (good) or putting down women. FDS is more than that. There is a focus on improving oneself in order to be a high-value woman. In fact, of all the channels on the discord server, more than half are dedicated to leveling up.
  4. Yes, few are misandrists. They genuinely seem to dislike anything and everything to do with men. Majority aren’t though and only want to rant about the specific grievances they’ve had with men. Incels will make blanket statements and think up reasons why women won’t give them a chance. FDS women talk about their real experiences.
  5. FDS users aren’t like incels, because unlike incels who are “involuntarily celibate”, the FDS users I’ve seen were constantly pursued by men. All have had past relationships at least. Some are currently dating men! Few are overweight. Most are honestly gorgeous. Majority have good fashion taste. Majority are in their 30s. There is a lot of bisexuals and those on the spectrum. Some of them are incredibly skilled and in good-standing with society. They are bakers, writers, artists, gardeners, readers, athletes, etc. They take care of themselves and are interesting people with interesting lives.
I don’t like that even a small percentage of the FDS women think it’s ok to use a man for his wallet. It’s rude and devalues their perception of men. Men should definitely be financially stable, but don’t based him solely off his ability to provide.
I don’t like that a majority of them don’t like, don’t believe, or hate trans women. Some just think they don’t belong in FDS’s space- which this is fine. They’re allowed to let whoever they want in. Trans women can make their own space.
I don’t like that they don’t like walk or coffee dates. They think it’s low-effort. They seem to think restaurants are the gold standard of what a guy should offer, but I personally find it hard to eat in front of a stranger, to take a stranger’s money, and to be trapped in an environment with them for a prolonged period of time. Also, I don’t eat and talk at the same time.
FDS has a must-read book list. I read all of them. The gist of it is to protect yourself first, put yourself first, like yourself first. As a survivor of past male violence, this is the reason why FDS is so attractive to me. It’s why despite all of my grievances with the sub, I STILL think FDS has done more good for women.
FDS makes women cautious about the dating world. Women experience sexual harassment (dick pics, asks for nudes, being called sluts) ALL the time when it comes to dating. God forbid they want a safe space to vent their frustrations and learn from each other’s mistakes. (Btw, you can interact with them via AskFDS) Reddit seems to hate FDS because they make “men bad” jokes sometimes. For the love of fucking god, please sort by Top Of All Time and really look at the posts. You’ll see through the eyes of a women who needs dating guidance. You’ll see how they get treated by some men. You’ll see advocacy for improving one’s own life, encouragement for not thinking a man not loving them is the end of the world, advice for being careful of predators. Since reddit loves data so much, I’ve counted and grouped the top 200 posts into categories (excluding meta posts and reposts) because I got a lot of time on my hands.
Don’t just look at the last stat and do away with FDS altogether. Look at how much of the other content makes up the sub. Also maybe ask yourself why there are so many posts about not becoming a victim to male violence…
Anyways, I feel like this post won’t make FDS users or FDS haters happy. So, go ahead and write your comments. I wish all the women on FDS the best, and I hope my personal views changes the way you look at FemaleDatingStrategy
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2020.09.22 22:13 everyoneisbiting Would this be lustful or violent?

*This post has some sexual content just as a trigger warning*
I (F20) have always had a sexual fantasy about being a man and being beaten up severely by bullies and then have a pretty girl take pity on me and nurse me back to health. I know that it's wrong, but I can't seem to stop.
I don't really know where the fantasy stems from, but I've always had a thing for dominant, maternal women. I often have daydreams of getting horribly beaten up to the point of blood being drawn and bones being broken that can last for hours.
Of course, it's not really the getting beaten up part that makes me excited but the part about a pretty feminine girl stopping the bullies and immediately tending to me and dating me out of pity. I don't know why this response makes me happy. In reality, most women don't care about me and would never intervene if I did find myself being beaten up anyways, I mean I'm an ugly dorky girl myself so I understand. Women, in general, are wired to not get into confrontation and generally don't get physically involved in fights anyways, so it's just a stupid fantasy that I can't seem to shake.
Sometimes though, I just imagine the getting beaten up part but not the lustful part. I'm trying to shake off this sin, so when I confess it once and for all (hopefully), would it be a sin of wishing violence on myself or just entertaining lustful thoughts? The past few times in confession, I would confess it as having violent thoughts, but if I'm getting sexual pleasure should I just say that I'm entertaining lustful thoughts instead?

EDIT: Also, why am I getting down-voted so much?! This is a serious post, so I just want some help in conquering the sin. I'm not trying to troll anyone!!
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2020.09.22 21:57 sailorpippy I'm really tired

I just wanna sleep forever. I'm so so tired, I can't forget the past (suffered domestic abuse and the threat of gang violence, poverty, etc. Moved out at 17 to go to university, switched to online for financial reasons, turned 19 last month) and at this point it's given me physical and emotional scars, disordered eating, warped relationships with men and a constant, unrelenting headache. I feel dirtied by it.
But somehow death feels purifying? I thought for so long I wouldn't live passed high school, and when I managed to call the police and was saved I felt suddenly that everything cracked and it wasn't how it was meant to be, like I've lived passed by expiry date. I felt comfortable dying there - I had fun in my room at home despite being hungry, I knew what I was going to become (but ultimately wouldn't live to - I wanted to be a translator and travel the world) and I loved my friends at school (before my parents pulled me out to homeschool)!
But now I'm more depressed than ever. I wanted to be stronger than all my family and break the cycle of death and violence because I thought I was strong. Now the only thing that gives me comfort is the thought of jumping off a bridge or in front of a train, or dying of hypothermia.
I dunno, it's just a tough night tonight. I wanna call the helpline for the first time in months, but I can't even find my phone to do so.
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2020.09.22 19:58 JakeMullerRE How to deal with rejection

Rejection is one of the things that happen like 80% of the time in dating and all other aspects of life. It's also a factor that makes a lot of men and women bitter and resent the opposite gender for many years.
And although it does hurt, rejection really isn't a big deal.
Here's some guidance to handle rejection better and to stop letting it crush your self-esteem and mental health:
With that mindset, it's no wonder people feel bitter and resentful whenever they get rejected in dating. Especially when it happens a lot.
Of course you are going to feel worthless when you need other peoples approval to feel like a worthy individual.
Ideally, you approve of yourself and draw this confidence and self-esteem from within above all else.
You just think it's very bad because our brain interprets it as real, physical pain and because toxic & immature people online and offline make it this bad thing.
A good habit to get into when you get rejected is to practice presence and self-awareness.
Look at your hands, feel your heart beating and touch yourself. You will quickly notice that nothing harmful happened to you and that most of the pain you experience originates from your negative thought processes and certain self-limiting beliefs.
Your heart is still beating, your body is still fully functional and there is no physical wound whatsoever. Everything is exactly as it was before the rejection happened.
And sometimes, you don't meet their requirements. That is okay.
Maybe you did something like acting needy and clingy, have different life goals or you aren't their type personality and looks wise.
People get rejected for these reasons all the time.
Even I sometimes ignore or reject attractive women because I just don't feel it. That doesn't make them any less though.
All it means is you met someone who doesn't like you and who you wouldn't like either.
'A decision made from fear is always the wrong decision' - Tony Robbins
Trying to avoid rejection is what makes a lot of men and women act needy and insecure and put on a mask. In their head, they picture how he or she will reject them well before they even met or interacted. They are focused on what can go wrong instead of what can go right because they are tired of getting hurt over and over again. But here is the deal:
All this comes from the self-limiting belief that you are not good enough.
And you must find the cause for it. You must ask yourself why you feel not good enough and why you fear rejection so much.
Sometimes its due to emotional traumas experienced in childhood or certain beliefs that formed early in your life.
Once you found the cause, you need to process and let go of it and then replace it with new supporting beliefs so you can genuinely feel good enough and no longer fear rejection.
Many people are scared to reject men or women because the needy and insecure ones often react to rejection with violence and playing the victim.
They may start blowing up your phone, stalking and harassing you and simply not accepting your several no's.
Don't be this person.
Remember that nobody owes you anything. Neither are you entitled to another persons love, affection and attention.
If you really apply all this stuff, you will have a much easier time dealing with and moving on from rejection.
Namaste 🙏
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2020.09.22 17:11 Father-Son-HolyToast A neighborhood dog with a history of aggression runs around loose in violation of leash laws. Now, it has seriously attacked OP, OP's sister & OP's dog, leaving them with $29K in medical bills. For God knows what reason, the dog's owner is now suing OP over the attack. [Posted a year ago]

This is a repost. The original post is by freerunlady92.
Sorry for the long post but I'm trying to be detailed. TLDR at the bottom.
We live in city limits of Wake county Raleigh NC were there are strict leash laws.
Our new neighbors moved in next door about 6 months ago and have two large Labradors who are let out the back door into the open yards each day and night.
One of their dogs is very sweet and well behaved while the other is rather aggressive and will charge at people and other dogs.
We have asked them multiple times to walk their dogs on leashes and explained about the city leash laws of our state and county but they refuse to keep them on leashes.
Two months ago, one of their labs charged at myself and my small beagle from across the yard and the dogs owner just sat there and watched as I tried to fight off her dog while picking up my beagle. The dog bit my arm enough to draw blood and I kicked her dog to get it to stop and back off from its attack.
The owner went into a rage over me kicking her dog and the next day filed a complaint against me with our HOA. That backfired because the HOA contacted me for my side of the story and ended up charging the neighbor a $250 violation of HOA agreement fee. I didn't file an animal control report because my bite wasn't that bad and I thought the HOA fine would set them straight. Also for the fact that it's not the dogs fault her owner is an idiot.
They continued to let their dogs run free and we have multiple videos of them letting their dogs run free and of the aggressive dog running onto our porch and throwing her body against our glass door trying to get at our dogs inside our house.
Last month I confronted our neighbor with the multiple videos and told her she needed to walk them on leashes and we were no longer willing to be afraid to use our back porch or walk our dogs anymore and told her this was the last time we'd be nicely asking her and next time we'd call animal control.
Fast forward to 6 days ago when I woke up to the sound of one of my dogs for lack of better term, screaming. I jumped out of bed and ran into the yard where my sister and one of my beagles was being attacked by her dog. My sister had curled around our dog and was being repeatedly bitten by the neighbors dog.
I tackled the neighbors dog and (not proud to say as a life long animal lover) proceed to grab the dog by her neck and force her to the ground by her neck and shove her head into the ground while practically sitting on the dog to control her.
The neighbor finally got her dog inside. The results were my dog had a huge chunk ripped out of her throat, multiple rips in both ears, 6 broken teeth on her bottom jaw, a shattered front paw and broken arm, and multiple bites to her face and rib cage. My dog needed all broken teeth removed, pins in her arm and paw, dozens of stitches, and a skin graph (had no idea they could do this for dogs) to close the hole in her neck.
My sister needed 38 stitches from the bites she received, I ended up with 29 stitches from bites I received, and all three of us are on a plethora of antibiotics and follow up care including rabies shots for my sister and I because her dog had no current shots. Those shots are not pleasant in any way.
Our combined medical/vet bills are 29k with still needing follow up visits for all of us over the next few months.
She's refusing to pay anything at all and claims she's not at fault because our yard isn't fenced. She's also claiming she's going to sue us because apparently I broke 2 of her dogs ribs when I tackled her to the ground.
I cleared out my savings account of 3500 to make the basic payments to save my dogs life and don't have any more money to hire a lawyer.
We can hardly afford the co pays on our insurance to get our rabies treatments and prescriptions filled. I filed to get an advance on my pay but it can take up to two weeks to go through and I was served with a court summons today for injuries to her dog and her pain and suffering from the trauma of her hurt pet. The claim also states that I intentional caused harm to her pet and used unnecessary force to subdue her pet. I'm a 4'10 female and my sister is a 4' 8 female. Her dog is almost as big as I am.
I really don't know where to start on how to deal with this. I feel like we have a solid case due to the videos and and the paperwork from the HOA for the first time she tried to blame us. I also have messages that span her time as our neighbor via the Nextdoor app where she admits to walking her pets off leash and her refusal to stop because it's "her house."
How in the world can I fight this without being able to pay a lawyers fee upfront?
TLDR: Neighbors aggressive dog attacked my dog, sister, and I causing insane medical bills and months of follow up care and now I'm being sued. I work 3 jobs and after basic medical bills can't afford a lawyer yet. Not to mention my hand is so chewed up and swollen I'm not cleared to go back to work at any of my jobs until I get stitches out and get motion in my hand back which will cause more income issues once my vacation days run out.
Thank you all so much for the advice. We're feeling much more hopeful and I feel like I can actually sleep tonight. You're all wonderful kind internet strangers and we appreciate you all.
My sister and I went to the police station this morning. The officer suggested we each file our own reports for multiple reasons with one being my sister wasn't involved in the first attack and we each technically own one dog even though we share expenses. One dog I bought from a rescue and is "property" in my name and the attacked dog was bought under my sisters name. The video evidence was used for both reports but the messages were used for mine only since they came from my account.
The officer called animal control and viewed it as a good use of their weekend emergency service because the neighbor did not/could not provide proof of a rabies shot and is viewed as a public health risk and no one can confirm the dogs violence isn't attributed to that. That's probably not the case but city law requires all dogs within city limits to be registered with the city and up to date on all shots.
He suggested that we take our dogs and cars and leave the neighborhood between 2:00pm to 6:00pm or until we receive a follow up call from animal control. He also suggested we call our home owners insurance after we were done at the station and had a police report to give them. The police took photos of our injuries and said we need to take pictures of our dog once we got home.
We already took photos of ourselves and dog last night after reading through comments on here, but they wanted their own to file with the report.
We asked about getting a protection or restraining order but he said it would be very hard to do because we'd have the burden of proof showing that she maliciously and intentionally used her dog to harm us or prove a history of stalking us.
My boyfriend went out this morning and bought two cameras and a stack of SD cards. He has one set up to look out over our back yard and one looking out to where we park our cars and front porch. This lady is still letting her dogs run out free after the attack and we can get that on video.
My sister, dogs, and I are going to spend the night at my boyfriends house tonight just so we can stay clear of the crazy neighbor.
We called our insurance company and are giving them all the reports, bills, evidence, etc. they're sending an agent out tomorrow afternoon to take video and pictures of both yards and the gave us a list of local law firms that specialize in personal injury and property damage cases and will work in conjunction with whatever lawyer we go with. One thing the insurance company pointed out is they don't see any law firm named in my summons and think she may have filed and be representing herself. They also said the roommate texting us all week saying they'd pay for everything could be viewed as their admittance of fault but a lawyer would be able to confirm that.
We did message most of the neighbors on our row and a few of them have had bad experiences and are willing to write statements. The kicker is the family directly behind us has a teenage son who took a VIDEO on his phone of the big attack! The neighbor dog had tried to attack her sons cat while he was on the back porch once and her son heard the yelling and whipped out his phone. I haven't seen it yet but his mother said they'll gladly turn it over to our lawyer and write statements.
We're going to be busy this week and have a lot to do to get everything together but it seems like we have a very solid case.
Thank you so much for all of your advice and time. You guys are incredible. I'll continue to update or do an update thread when we have talked to a lawyer.
My sister and I spent the weekend after I posted researching local lawyers that were suggested by our insurance and found 3 we wanted to contact. The guy we went with is amazing and more vicious then the neighbors dog. He is also willing to take payment after a judgment or settlement and offered us a lower percentage then what we have researched is the norm.
Ends up his son had been attacked by an off leash dog once and he "feels very strongly that irresponsible dog owners understand the repercussions of their actions and that the neighbor is a threat and this needs to be handled quickly."
The neighbors mean dog has been put down. She was deemed uncontrollable and not able to be rehabbed.
We've seen the nice dog over the last few days with the roommate so she must have paid the fines to get her back.
Our lawyer responded to her case against me and confirmed we'd be meeting them in small claims court.
She was also served with 2 separate lawsuits. One from myself with my medical cost including estimated long term cost, rehab cost, lost work/vacation days, pain and suffering, and destruction of property. I'll explain the destruction of property shortly.
One for my sister including estimated long term medical cost, lost work/vacation days, property damage (our dog), and pain and suffering.
Her lawsuit against me has a court date of March 5th. After she was served with our lawsuits, she apparently desperately tried dropping the case against me but the prosecutor denied her request (didn't know they could do that). She then tried contacting our lawyer multiple times to ask him to get the prosecutor to drop the case, he informed her that wasn't something he had control of and we'd still be moving forward with the 2 lawsuits against her.
She finally got herself a lawyer and our lawyer was contacted with settlement offers that in his term were, "laughable" and we refused the settlement offers.
Our lawyer used past cases of dog attacks in NC where settlements of over 800k were paid out and that involved cases where the dogs owners actually tried to stop the attack.
Now for some extra facts.
My left wrist is going to need surgery that's scheduled to take place on February 27th.
Our dog had the drain removed from her neck and her skin graft is healing up nicely but she's still in a cast with pins in her paw. The vet thinks she'll have a limp but will recover with no other long lasting injuries. She still refuses to go out the back door anymore and will cry and plant if we try.
The destruction of property in my claim comes from those cameras my boyfriend installed.
The day after her dog was put down, she literally took a baseball bat to everything in our front and back yard. She broke our porch railing, smashed all our flower pots, bent my hammocks metal base and used some kind of utility knife to slice up the hammock, tore the plants out of the ground in our garden (including pulling up imported maple trees), dumped some sort of substance that had a jelly like consistency into our koi pond killing all the fish, and broke various other things in our yard. She straight up went on a rampage that was all caught on the cameras. She also left 2 notes on our door, one threatened to shoot our dogs and that she'd have someone beat us up.
We called the cops immediately and they took it seriously. They asked if we wanted to press charges and we did.
Our lawyer used the notes and camera footage to get an emergency protection order for us and we haven't so much as seen her since, though we see her car come and go.
The video of the attack that the other neighbors son took was a pure godsend. It shows how she just sat there and did nothing to try and stop the attack. It also shows her audibly laughing during it. She only started trying to help when I started smashing her dog into the ground.
We also got statements from multiple neighbors and our lawyer is working on getting the multiple complaints from other families from the HOA.
He said it's pointless to go after the HOA and we wouldn't get worth while results from them. Our lawyer did tell us that the HOA has started the eviction process against the neighbors but that could take a long time and can be contested.
There was also a memo sent out to the neighborhood about leash rules and that there will be an upcoming vote about possibly muzzling dogs if they're in common areas outside of our private properties and other new neighborhood rules concerning pets.
I honestly can't tell if this lady had some sort of mental breakdown or is just plain crazy.
Either way, my sister and I both have our separate court dates against her in mid and end of March.
Thank you all so much for your advice and guidance. You guys not only gave us the knowledge but the confidence to fight this and were both so grateful to you all.
I'll be sure to update after the court dates and keep you guys up to date. Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer whatever I can.
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2020.09.22 14:38 insertphilosophyhere Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas

The Conference is Free to Register Here! Theme: Decolonizing Media Education Location: Online Date: October 17 (9am-6pm PST) & 18 (9am-4pm PST) 2020 Social: October 17 TBD Keynote: Coming Soon Cost per entry: Free
VALUES AND MISSION STATEMENT The Critical Media Literacy Conference of The Americas is committed to democratic ideals and social justice values. We engage with media as a dialectical space for critique and celebration. Media are complex tools whose effects do not always match intentions. Media can promote democratic participation, support social justice, and bring considerable joy, but they can hinder democracy, stoke violence, and manipulate individuals and society. Our goal for this conference is to facilitate critical discourse about our mediated society with the intent to deepen our understandings and support each other’s work in transforming society to be more socially just and environmentally sustainable.
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2020.09.22 05:05 CrazyHorseInvincible Policy Discussion on "Just Leave Him".

When we announced a rule saying "Just leave him" is not to be put forth as the first option, we got, needless to say, a lot of feedback.
Some of it was very positive: "Yes! I am so sick of twenty-year old girls coming in here and telling married women to leave their husbands over an imagined slight!"
Some of it was rather concerned: "Yes, I see the problem, but some relationships are clearly dangerous or abusive. Are we really trying to keep those together?"
Some of it was downright autistic: "OMGWTFBBQ! You are trying to trap women with the first dude they date even if it's toxic!"
Some of it had philosophical concerns: "Twenty-year old girls are giving relationship advice because there aren't enough active mods and ECs to provide better guidance."
Well, the mod team has talked it over, read all the comments, discussed concerns, and made some decisions. Here's what our goals are for the group are, in this matter:
  1. We need to put a stop to low-experience, low-personal-investment commenters giving advice to the tune of "Just leave him! You are a queen and deserve better!".
  2. We need to make a clear distinction between "this is your committed long term relationship, fix it instead of abandoning it", and "hey, this dude you went on two dates with is showing clear red flags... look for someone else".
  3. We need to recognize and call out situations where trying to "fix" the relationship would put someone in severe danger (usually physical, but sometimes emotional or legal, too), and advise those women to seek self-protection, rather than marital bliss.
  4. We need to be able to provide more experienced guidance so that RPW's values can be made clear to new readers.
So here's what we are going to do:
  1. The rule will be "Don't advise abandonment of an LTR before trying other options, unless someone is in danger".
  2. This will only apply to something that's really a serious commitment, not a vetting process. Use your common sense. We will not be "punishing" users for grey area stuff, but those who try to make RPW into /relationship_advice will be shown the door.
  3. We will compile, and take additional suggestions for, a list of constitutes "danger". It will include things like violence and long term unilateral emotional abuse. It will not include things like "said something mean once". This will go on the sidebar, and we will encourage anyone who fears for someone else's safety to link to it.
  4. Yes, we are undermodded. We have asked someone new to join the mod team, and she has graciously accepted. Her mod account should show up some time in the next week. She will be focusing on "troll control", so that others can type words more, and click buttons less.
Thanks for your patience. We realize that your trust is not automatic, but we also have marriages, jobs, friends, children, and lives of our own, and sometimes we have little time to spare, and a great deal of difficulty attracting appropriate people to do some of the tedious and often thankless work of sustaining a not just female, but feminine space in a culture increasingly hostile to femininity.
We realize that some people need heavy moderation, but there is also a core community that simply needs to be left alone to use their common sense, and protected from trolls so that their voices do not get drowned out.
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2020.09.22 02:52 XavierXavierX I love her

I became friends with an awesome, funny, smart, unique woman last year. We talked a lot, and recently started spending a lot of time together. We didnt go on dates, or anything. More like we would go out for drinks, and crack jokes, hike, hang in parks with her dog, etc. As it goes, I developed feelings, slowly, and now it's full on love. I havent felt this "activated" in a long time. I think about her all of the time. But, i recently lost my sister to gun violence, and it's taken a huge toll on me. I havent been all there, and it's been hard to feel anything other than sad, and that's changed the dynamic between us. It feels more like she has to spend more time consoling me, and it just feels... off. But, I still have these very strong feelings for her. She recently just got out of a long, shitty relationship, and I think shes happy enough just making friends, and figuring her shit out, and I respect th as t, and want her to be happy, but I also want to be with her. I feel like I have to create some distance so I don't get more attached than I already have because shes definitely not ready for anything more than friendship, I'm a mess, and I see me just setting myself up to get hurt or rejected. So I'm going to just back off, and put up a wall so she isn't put in a weird situation if I decide to tell her how I feel, and so I don't get let down.
This sucks. I feel like I'm too old for this.
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Preventing Teen Dating Violence from the Inside Out ... Dating Abuse - Trapped - YouTube Teen Dating Violence [Complete] - YouTube Dating Abuse - Lovestruck - YouTube Dating Abuse - Get Out and Walk - YouTube Teen Dating Violence Part 2 - YouTube Dating Violence - YouTube Dating Abuse - If You Cared - YouTube Frontiers 136: Dating Violence: Bree's Story - YouTube

  1. Preventing Teen Dating Violence from the Inside Out ...
  2. Dating Abuse - Trapped - YouTube
  3. Teen Dating Violence [Complete] - YouTube
  4. Dating Abuse - Lovestruck - YouTube
  5. Dating Abuse - Get Out and Walk - YouTube
  6. Teen Dating Violence Part 2 - YouTube
  7. Dating Violence - YouTube
  8. Dating Abuse - If You Cared - YouTube
  9. Frontiers 136: Dating Violence: Bree's Story - YouTube

Briana thought she knew what domestic violence looked like, having seen first hand the devastation it causes, however, when she found herself in a similar si... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. This week’s Frontiers program is by no means intended to be an all-encompassing look at teen dating violence. In fact, it barely scratches the surface. But I... Dylan is always checking Ashley's phone, tracking her location, and gets jealous when she talks to other guys. Her friend Zoey sees his behavior as abusive, ... Our trainer, Dr. Vini Vijay, on dating violence and respecting boundaries. Brent thinks he's a pretty normal high school student. But when his friend confronts him about getting abusive with his girlfriend, he's forced to take a clo... The bruise on Jessica's face leads Katie to believe that her boyfriend is being abusive. Can Katie unravel the truth before Jessica gets hurt again? Spotify:... Keisha's boyfriend gets jealous when she bumps into an old friend at his track meet. After the couple gets into an explosive fight, Keisha opens up to her fr... All the rights to the persons who made this video. Follow me on Twitter: